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What if like many coming into the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy business we have no marketing budget to do paid marketing. This was a challenge that Mark Ford faced and so in 2013 he set about creating a free advertising, blogging and product review system incorporating the Tidy Url tool in our SFM back offices ... Watch the video below to learn more and implement this into your internet business to generate free leads and sales...

Note: Work this together with the Four Plus One System.

Team Webinar Recording Links and Resources

Note: the Tidy Url presentation from Mark Ford is also available at the following links...

1. Your SFM Back Office Under Training/Archived Training/Master Marketing Webinar 31.10.13.

2. SFM Community by Clicking Here.

Click the links below to go through to the team webinar recordings on the various digital business topics.

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