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Meet The Ten Point Success Formula Team!

On this page you will learn about all the stories from the team members in the SFM & DEA Ten Point Success Formula Team. If you click through you will also be able to visit their authority website and read more about their respective stories.

Let's Meet The Team!

 Mark FordMark Ford

My name is Mark Ford and I originate from Bournville, Birmingham, UK but I now live in Staffordshire. I have an adult son, Daniel in his twenties who lives in Birmingham. I quit my job back in 2006, built a property portfolio and now I work as a home business entrepreneur, marketer and mentor. Read more … > SFM Personal Profile

Melanie PhilipMelanie Philip

Hello and a really warm welcome to you. It is great that you have found me, and I hope that you are reading this with an inquisitive, open and curious mind!!. There are so many people on the Internet its overwhelming, how is it that you ended up here with me and WHY? This is an interesting question to reflect on... Read more…

Michael VlassisMichael Vlassis

If your a seasoned Internet entrepreneur, marketer, affiliate marketer or a newbie ( have no idea where to start ) of if you are any of the above, I’ve been there.. especially a newbie. That was me and if it's even possibleI maybe knew less than you do right now…. I had absolutely no idea where to start in this industry, Read more…

Mike WilsonMike Wilson

We’re Mike & Helene. We love going to Turkey where we were married. We’ve been holidaying in Turkey now for the past 8 years and because of our business, we’re fortunate enough to be able to spend more and more of our time travelling and working remotely from our laptops.

We’ve both previously worked in the UK Public Sector, Helene with the National Health Service and me in the Social Housing world for over 20 years. Although in the earlier years we both enjoyed our work, we were finding it progressively more difficult to manage the tension between front line service delivery and the next round of budget cuts! Read more...