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Meet The Ten Point Success Formula Team!

On this page you will learn about all the stories from the team members in the SFM & DEA Ten Point Success Formula Team. If you click through you will also be able to visit their authority website and read more about their respective stories.

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Mark Ford - SFM Elite & DEA Black Founder Member - Mark Ford

Let's Meet The Team!

Mark Ford

My name is Mark Ford and I originate from Bournville, Birmingham, UK but I now live in Staffordshire. I have an adult son, Daniel in his twenties who lives in Birmingham. I quit my job back in 2006, built a property portfolio and now I work as a home business entrepreneur, marketer and mentor. Read more … > SFM Personal Profile

Alexandra d’OliveriaAlexandra d’Oliveria

Full profile information on LinkedIn.


Alistair ClarkeAlistair Clarke

I am a film enthusiast and internet marketer and I thought I would give you a quick biography about myself, simply so you will get to know the real me. Read more …

andre blazeyAndre Blazey

Andre joined the SFM and DEA in March 2014. With a background in providing B2C and B2B Solutions, Andre has a lot of experience offering sales and marketing solutions.

Having worked in a corporate environment for many years Andre now wishes to set up on his own and use his experience to build out his SFM & DEA business. Read more

Andy GelderAndy Gelder

At the age of 16 I left school and started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. A life with a trade I thought and a job for life is guaranteed. How naive was I at the age of 16 to think that a city and guilds was going to be all that I needed to get through life. Read more…

Ann RimAnn Rim

Learn more about Ann Rim on Digital Bloggers.

Asha Ibrahim

Currently living in Moseley, Birmingham, Asha joined the team in January 2014 and is looking forward to building her SFM business to help her family and others achieve success in life.

With a passion for helping work at home mums and nutritional studies Asha is committed to help others build a successful future.

Learn more about Asha Ibrahim by reading her profile. Read more...

Ashley Lloyd

Ashley joined us in January 2014 and is working on a home based internet marketing business.

The aim of the Business is to help customers with starting their own internet business to enable them to have the financial and time freedom and live the life they choose. > Learn more at this link.