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"Congratulations On Making A Decision To Work Towards Changing Your Life. You Are In The Right Place To Discover How To Get Started With Your New SFM & DEA Businesses And Benefit From Having Free Access To The 10 Point Success Formula Team Website"


Home Business Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Mentor

A warm welcome to you and thank you for joining me through one of my home business websites in my website network. My name is Mark Ford, and I work as a home business entrepreneur, digital marketer and as a mentor.

If you would like to find out more about me and read 'My Story' visit my personal website and view my 'About Me Page'. My personal website is updated every day and you can read the latest informative blog posts and news at 'My News And Updates Page'.

To learn more about Mark Ford you can also watch the video below.

I am very pleased to have you in my team and I would like to congratulate you on taking a decision to sign up to a new business, a business that where you take the necessary actions, will change your life.

Why Have I Put The Ten Point Success Together For You?

My objective in putting this resource together was to make it a part of the support I offer you and to set out for you all you need to do to get going in the business that you have decided to join.

To gain access to the members area you will need to have registered at this link. You will then be taken through to the members page and have full access to all the pages to view the information that I have made available for you.

Ten Point Success - The Benefits

I have set up separate sections of the members area for the SFM/DEA business that we are all involved with and because you will have joined this business either through myself or with an existing team member the information will be of value to you.

You can keep coming back to the members area to access the step by step instructions on how to set up your business and get started. You will also benefit from;

1. Strategies and workable systems that are currently working for me that you can implement into your business to help you succeed.

2. Video and webinar tutorials.

3. A review of the SFM/DEA businesses.

4. How you can get in touch with me for further support.

5. How you can access your support packages.

6. Information on some bonus products that you can get from me as a thank you for joining my business.

7. And lots more information giving you what you need to succeed and get what you want from life.

How Do You Feel Now You Have Joined? Excited, Frustrated?

When I started out I struggled a lot, wasted loads of time and money trying to work it all out and I had to learn the hard way. I wasted money on lots of products that I never used and by trial and error I have now found the home businesses that work.

These home businesses have the potential to make us all a great deal of money and a very decent living. All it takes is belief, a willingness to succeed, the right mentality, a no quit attitude, the setting of some goals, and perseverance.

Oh and yes I nearly forgot, an acceptance that this is not get rich quick but a fantastic life can be had if we roll our sleeves up and get stuck in working this for the short, medium and long term to meet all our goals.

Just a few more words... In some cases, in my early days I got very little support from the businesses I joined and I had to work it all out myself. That left me feeling frustrated at times wondering what I had to do to make the home businesses that I had joined work.

Now... I accepted that we all have to take ownership of our businesses and build them ourselves but having access to the support we need is a very important factor. Therefore, I asked myself "How can I help my team members and do what I can to help them succeed and experience all the time and financial freedom that comes from achieving all their goals?"

Well, I knew that the home businesses I could offer are just vehicles to get us to where we want to go but that these businesses would go nowhere without the right help and support. This led me to consider what support packages I could set up for each business so that people new to the businesses would not experience the same frustrations I did when I got started.

When people are left floundering around at the start of a business quite often they quit and that word is not in my vocabulary. The information I have provided in the members area took a long time to put together and will help you get started and not 'flounder' around.

However, just like me, you need to take ownership of your business and take action. I can give you what you need to succeed but you must take action on the content that I provide you with.

I will do my part and all you have to do is take the actions to do your part. Fair deal? I think so... do you agree?

Ten Point Success - Final Word

This resource sets out to give you what you need to get going and support you as we move forward. You are not on your own. You will find my contact details on the contact Mark page and (if this is not me) you can also contact the sponsor who has joined you into the business.

I hope this information has helped you at the start of your business and all you need to do now is take consistent action and I will continue to share some super cool stuff with you.

Can you imagine achieving all you ever wanted in life? Turning all those dreams into reality. 

There is a whole bunch of killer information on this site to get you started and so that you can build the home business that will start to change your life today!

Every success.

Mark Ford | Home Business Entrepreneur

Mark Ford

Team Advice and Guidance Available From Your Sponsor Mark Ford

Mark Fords Blog And Personal Website

If you click through on the links below you will be able to access the various trainings and resources that Mark Ford has made available for you... remember, together we are stronger... working together we achieve more!

1. Getting Started > Step By Step Guides Are Here > These cover the setting up of your SFM/DEA business and back office - (pdf's and videos) along with marketing guides - (pdf's and videos) 2. Read Mark's Story > Who Is Mark Ford 3. View Mark's Blog > Mark Ford's Blog 4. One On One Skype Consultations > Note: Since the recording of the welcome video above I now provide (as an additional bonus) more than four weeks one on one Skype team coaching consultations > Standard SFM members get 6 weeks, Elite SFM members get 12 weeks, DEA Silver members get 14 weeks, DEA Gold members get 16 weeks, DEA Platinum members get 18 weeks, DEA Black members get 20 weeks >  Book Your Consultations Here - In addition to the setting up of your back office, goal setting, the team advice and guidance system and a question and answer session, as mentioned in the video, Mark will also cover a number of other subjects to help you succeed with your business. 5. Marketing Wheel Webinar > Click Here 6. Ten Point Success Formula > The Ten Success Points 7. Join Our Facebook Group > The Digital Marketers Mastermind Group 8. Skype Groups > Note: Given that I offer one on one Skype consultation calls with my team members I will not be running an additional Skype group for our team members as a Mastermind session. However, if anyone would like to step forward and run a Skype Group for the team then please contact Mark Ford and we can get it set up. 9. SFM Community Website > Interact Here and Get Help Where Needed From Your SFM Community Members 10. Got A Question? > See Who To Ask Here 11. The Helpdesk > Mark Ford's Helpdesk 12. SFM Back Office > Your SFM and DEA Business Centre - Log In Here

Mark Ford | Home Business Entrepreneur

Every success with all you do.

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