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Welcome To Our SFM/DEA Team Members Area!

A warm welcome to the team and congratulations on making the decision to join the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

In this video you will learn about Mark Ford's story, how to view his blog, (for team blogs go here) and what Mark will make available to you as a member of his SFM & DEA team.

If you need any assistance on any aspect of your SFM & DEA business, or on building a business online in general, don't struggle alone. I know how that feels as I have been there. It is one of the reasons I have put this team website together for you.

A great deal of advice, guidance and support is available to you. Full details are over on the 'Get Help Page' and you can set up a free Skype consultation call with me by using my appointment system > Click Here <

I wish you every success. Mark Ford ->>> Get Started Here ->>> Team Recordings Here.

Team Advice and Guidance Available From Your Sponsor Mark Ford

Mark Fords Blog And Personal Website

If you click through on the links below you will be able to access the various trainings and resources that Mark mentions in the video and has made available for you... remember, together we are stronger... working together we achieve more!

1. Getting Started > Step By Step Guides Are Here > These cover the setting up of your SFM/DEA business and back office - (pdf's and videos) along with marketing guides - (pdf's and videos) 2. Read Mark's Story > Who Is Mark Ford 3. View Mark's Blog > Mark Ford's Blog 4. One On One Skype Consultations > Note: Since the recording of the welcome video above I now provide (as an additional bonus) more than four weeks one on one Skype team coaching consultations > Standard SFM members get 6 weeks, Elite SFM members get 12 weeks, DEA Silver members get 14 weeks, DEA Gold members get 16 weeks, DEA Platinum members get 18 weeks, DEA Black members get 20 weeks >  Book Your Consultations Here - In addition to the setting up of your back office, goal setting, the team advice and guidance system and a question and answer session, as mentioned in the video, Mark will also cover a number of other subjects to help you succeed with your business. 5. Marketing Wheel Webinar > Click Here 6. Ten Point Success Formula > The Ten Success Points 7. Join Our Facebook Group > The Digital Marketers Mastermind Group 8. Skype Groups > Note: Given that I offer one on one Skype consultation calls with my team members I will not be running an additional Skype group for our team members as a Mastermind session. However, if anyone would like to step forward and run a Skype Group for the team then please contact Mark Ford and we can get it set up. 9. SFM Community Website > Interact Here and Get Help Where Needed From Your SFM Community Members 10. Got A Question? > See Who To Ask Here 11. The Helpdesk > Mark Ford's Helpdesk 12. SFM Back Office > Your SFM and DEA Business Centre - Log In Here

Mark Ford | Home Business Entrepreneur

Every success with all you do.

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